Crystal - Petite Blonde In London

Escort Services

Payment Method

Payment should be made before the meeting. It is accepted in any medium, from cash to online payment whatever medium you choose, am flexible for you in case of the medium. But I will not meet you or get committed with you until and unless you make your payments. All the packages will be clearly explained and based on your choice your package and its payment value will be fixed and invoiced to you. I want my customers to be very genuine and professional in terms of payment. Don’t ever try to bargain, that makes me judge you wrong and that’s the stage where I move out from you.


I get paid only for my time I spend with you, I will completely accompany you and make you feel engaged but anything beyond that will not be accepted before prior acknowledgment. Sometimes you will be committed with me for a weekend evening and in case if you want me to engage me with your night then those cases will not be considered. Because I would have given prior commitments for that evening to another client. I maintain my time and dates in a well-preplanned manner. So if you want me to be within your nights then kindly inform me about your requirement in the prior discussion that will be better.

Pricing and Services

Let me explain you my prices on how much I charge. Incalls at my apartment I charge 250GBP/Hour. For evening dates and weekends the budget will start from 300GBP/Hour. To accompany overnight with you and make your next sunshine with a great blossom you will have to make it for 1200GBP. To accompany on weekends it’s just 2500GBP. Therefore that’s all about my pricing. I provide a lot of services that include, massage, day out, parties, Blank Date etc. Each and every service I provide an essence of mine to the customer that is the reason why customers stick to me and enjoy all services with him. My pricing will always be affordable and I provide service more than what you expect.

Therefore you need not worry about a huge amount. Also, I will not demand you more money after accompanying you or tempting you, I will always be loyal too what I have paid. In case if you demand additional service to you from my side then you will have to pay for that since we are adults I hope you will obey the agreement what we have planned already. Once I have paid for a limited service for a limited time, then I assure you that I will pay only for that. If you want me to extend my time and service then you will have to pay accordingly. Initially, we should make the agreement for that additional service then after your payment, we shall start but that too based on my availability and wish to continue further. In case if I don’t wish to continue with you I will surely let you know my wish and quit myself after servicing for what you have paid me priorly.

I hope you would be clear about all the policies I have declared. I am not strict as my policy, I will lend myself all the way to make your time, extremely the happiest. I happily invite you to my apartment in South Kensington.