Crystal - Petite Blonde In London

What I Expect From You

As you would expect me to be safety and wellbeing must always remain paramount and I will also meet men who are respectful, clean and polite. If you are disrespectful, rude or dirty or if you don’t know to use a soap and toothbrush then please don’t bother that I should respond to you. Something relaxing in a bar alone and enjoying your drinks can be the most frustrating thing to do. Why should that be the order of the day or night when I can uplift your moods? I always prefer for my client to be very genuine, wealthy and also healthy. Just evaluate yourself before you expect something from me, you check yourself with your expectations that you have. If you want me to look rich then you should also be rich, if you want me to be healthy and hygienic then you should also be healthy and hygienic.

Try to be professional and keep your thoughts out from bargaining. I don’t compromise with my quality of service I provide you, likewise I don’t compromise with my Packages also. I will completely maintain all my policies from point 1 to point that ends. The only thing that makes me provide you a good service is your behavior and manners that you keep with you in my company. Sometimes your quality of showcasing you to me will be reflected you directly.